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Tosaf to Focus on Moisture Barriers for Packaging at K 2016

Published on 2016-09-27. Author : SpecialChem

Tosaf will focus on humidity absorbers for PE packaging. This additive boosts packaging impermeability and absorbs headspace humidity inside the package. This packaging additive regulates ripening, and can be integrated into plastic packaging.

Additives for Food Packaging – Regulates Ripening

Tosaf's Plant

Tosaf’s additives are designed to improve the freshness of packed food, prolong the shelf life of sensitive products and minimize food waste.

Tosaf’s humidity absorbers are pioneering moisture barriers that transform any standard multilayered PE packaging into active packaging with powerful humidity absorption capabilities. Tosaf’s MBs address both ambient and headspace humidity, simultaneously boosting the impermeability of the packaging and its internal absorption.

Oxygen, on which all living things depend, is also what makes food turn rancid. Tosaf's innovative oxygen barrier compound enables to obtain high barrier properties even in mere three-layer packaging.

Barrier Additive Reduces Food Waste

Since even high barrier films only reduce permeability (rather than eliminating it), Tosaf’s oxygen absorber MB is a game changer. This additive is able to simultaneously boost packaging impermeability and absorb headspace humidity inside the package.

Tosaf is committed to reducing food waste worldwide – a primary cause of which is the premature ripening of post-harvest fruits and vegetables due to ethylene release. To maintain produce quality in storage, during shipping, and at the point of sale, Tosaf has engineered an ethylene control MB. This packaging additive regulates ripening, and can be integrated into plastic packaging using conventional extrusion technologies.

In Tosaf’s vision, a smart self-regulating package will also preserve optimal conditions for the packed items after opening and reclosing. Tosaf’s highly effective re-closable compound allows active packaging to be more consumer-friendly. Combining it with Tosaf's other special additives enables the package to retain its internal environment for multiple uses.

About Tosaf

Tosaf Group, founded in 1985, is a joint-venture between Megides Holding and the Ravago Group, with a total of 900 employees, 40 sales offices and distributors. Tosaf operates 11 production sites in Israel, Turkey, Germany, UK, The Netherlands and China with a production capacity reaching 120,000 tons per year. The groups idea is, to help people all over the world to enjoy far better and safer products using much less resources, increasing yields, improving food, saving water, protecting the environment, and offering a better quality of living in almost all aspects of life.
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Source: Tosaf
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