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Nexam Chemical Launches Fluorinated Dianhydride for Polyimide Formulations

Published on 2018-12-24. Author : SpecialChem

Nexam Chemical has initiated production and commercialized a new product within the high-performance segment, NEXIMID® 800. The first order from an Asian customer valued 350 000 SEK has been received.

NEXIMID® 800 - Fluorinated Dianhydride

New product within the high-performance segment

The new product is launched under the name NEXIMID® 800. It is a fluorinated dianhydride more known as 6FDA. This launch is part of our ongoing strategy to strengthen our customer offer and the NEXIMID®-portfolio dedicated to high performance polymers. During 2018, volumes of NEXIMID®-products have gradually increased in Asia. We continue to see that our work on the Asian market is paying off step by step. Our success on both the Asian and American markets enables great potential for succeeding on other markets we process.” says Lars Öhrn, CMO Nexam Chemical.

NEXIMID® 800 is mainly used in polyimide formulations aiming for high transparency, low dielectric constant, low moisture absorption, resistance to photochemical degradation, good solubility and/or gas permeation. Typical applications where NEXIMID® 800 is used is in structural composites, polyimide films, microelectronics and gas separation membranes”, explains Dr. Carlos Solano, Product Manager Nexam Chemical.

Source: Nexam Chemical
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