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OQ Chemicals Launches ISCC PLUS Certified OxBalance Isononanoic Acid

Published on 2023-03-13. Edited By : SpecialChem

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OQ-Chemical-oxobalance-isononanoic-acid OQ Chemicals launches “OxBalance Isononanoic Acid”, the world’s first commercially available isononanoic acid that is produced from both bio-based and circular feedstocks and is ISCC PLUS certified.

The new product has a bio-based content of over 70 percent, providing manufacturers with a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional isononanoic acid. To meet the growing demand for carboxylic acids, OQ Chemicals has recently invested in a capacity expansion project in Germany.

Used in the Production of Plasticizers

Isononanoic acid is widely used in the production of various industrial and consumer goods, such as energy-efficient lubricants, plasticizers, and surfactants. The demand for bio-based raw materials is increasing across different industries. Therefore, the introduction of the ISCC PLUS certified OxBalance Isononanoic Acid is a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable chemical production.

The new OxBalance product line uses the mass balance concept to trace renewable feedstocks in chemical production processes and allocate them to products. ISCC PLUS is a globally recognized sustainability certification system. OxBalance is a registered trademark of OQ Chemicals.

With the same specifications and quality, our OxBalance products are a drop-in replacement for traditional carboxylic acids. As consumers demand more environmentally friendly products, we see a great opportunity for our customers to shift from fossil-based to sustainable feedstocks without compromising on quality or performance,” said David Faust, executive vice president Oxo Performance Chemicals at OQ Chemicals.

At OQ Chemicals, we are proud to be the first to offer bio-based isononanoic acid. For us, this is the logical next step on our journey towards greater sustainability. We aim to make our large-scale production processes more environmentally friendly, efficient, and sustainable while reducing emissions. As we expand our portfolio of bio-based Oxo Performance Chemicals, such as carboxylic acids, we invest in capacity expansions and explore new ways to innovate and improve our chemical production processes,” added Dr. Oliver Borgmeier, CEO of OQ Chemicals.

Source: OQ Chemicals

Sustainability / Natural SolutionsPVC, Plasticizers and Sustainability

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