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Sicomin at CompIC Middle East: To Showcase FR Resins and more

Published on 2016-01-27. Author : SpecialChem

Sicomin, supplier in specialist epoxy resins, and one of the lead suppliers to the Haramain Hi- Speed Railway Stations, will present its new range of Fire Retardant resins at CompIC Middle East running from the 9-10th February 2016.

Fig. 1: Sicomin

With over 30 years’ experience in the formulation of high performance epoxy resins and coatings for the construction industry, and having supplied 3 out of 4 of the Haramain Railway Stations in KSA, Sicomin understands the complex nature of providing fire retardant solutions for the Middle East market. The company has developed ‘Aerospace standard’ systems that are adaptable to the wide range of factory processing conditions seen in the region and that can deliver dimensionally stable parts at very high ambient temperatures. Extensive testing has been carried out to the ASTM E84 standards most often specified by Middle East architects and consultants, as well as EN13-501.

At CompIC Middle East, Sicomin will present:

SR1125 Infusion – A fire retardant system formulated specifically for infusion. SR1125 is a halogen free system and exhibits no filtration of active fillers by the reinforcement. It can be easily infused at room temperature and gives exceptional fire retardant properties.

SGi 128 Gel Coat – A new generation epoxy gel coat (certified as ASTM E 84 Class A). SGi 128 can be applied as an in mold coating or post applied to a finished part. This hardwearing epoxy gel coat has none of the disadvantages of existing moisture sensitive intumescent coatings and also offers low smoke opacity and toxicity properties.

SR1124 Laminating – High performance system with exceptional wetting-out properties. SR1124 has been developed for projects where infusion is not possible. This halogen free system delivers excellent mechanical properties with a range of hardener speeds and delivers lower resin consumption than standard fire retardant epoxy systems.

SC FW Fire Wall Paint – A one component emulsion paint that prevents heat propagation and fire progression by releasing extinguishing gases. Tested in accordance with the ASTM E 84 Civil Engineering classification (Class A), this coating is best suited to sheltered or interior use.

Sicomin was a key supplier for 3 out of 4 of the Haramain Hi-Speed Railway Stations in KSA, having supplied intumescent laminating epoxy systems and SC FW Fire Wall Paint as a fire retardant coating for the under-side of the roof panels.

On a global level, Sicomin's products were also integral to the construction of the Paris Opera House as well as many other high profile builds.

Advanced Composite Materials including epoxy resins are becoming increasingly common in the construction industry due to the competitive advantages that they offer, including: optimized mechanical properties, a lower structural weight for easier handling and faster installation, a high fatigue life and the freedom of design due to their moldable properties.

About Sicomin

One of the leading suppliers of epoxy systems and other composite materials, Sicomin has been formulating innovative epoxy resin solutions for 30 years and boasts one of the largest product ranges in the market. From the company’s state of the art 7,000sqm2 facility in Southern France, an extensive range of ‘off the shelf’ and custom made epoxy resins are developed and manufactured for all composite applications within the Aerospace, Defense, Marine, Renewable Energy, Sports and Civil Engineering sectors. It is this ability to create tailor made formulations that satisfy the most challenging of customer briefs that sets Sicomin apart from its competitors.

Source: Sicomin
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