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Stepan Launches High-functional Polyester Polyols

Published on 2020-07-27. Author : SpecialChem

Stepan-polyolStepan launches STEPANPOL® PC-6000 series, the newest generation of polyester polyols for the Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers (CASE) market. These new polyols are 100% solids and can produce ultra-high solid urethane formulations that provide excellent abrasion, chemical and UV resistance.

When used in polyurethane formulations, these new polyols provide very good adhesion to a metals and plastics, and are compatible with a wide variety of coating resins, including aspartics. They are designed to lower volatile organic compound (VOC) levels in polyurethane coatings and provide excellent properties for industrial and maintenance coating applications.

Key Properties Include:

  • Low viscosity at 100% solids (3,000 – 10,000 cP @ 25°C) for ultra-high, greater than 80% solids 2K polyurethane coatings
  • Polyol functionality ≥ 3
  • Suitable urethane coatings with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Good UV resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to many types of substrates, including some plastics
  • Diverse resin compatibility for formulation versatility

Source: Stepan
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