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Sukano’s NIR-Black detectable Masterbatch Gets COTREP Certification

Published on 2020-03-10. Author : SpecialChem

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Sukano has been at the forefront to improve the recyclability of black plastic articles with its newly formulated SUKANO® NIR-Black detectable and certified Masterbatch, which has now been tested by the authorized sorting equipment manufacturing companies according to the COTREP protocol.

Obtaining a Very Good Efficiency in Sorting

COTREP is an operational technical committee created by Citeo, Elipso, and Valorplast. It assists manufacturers in the development of recyclable plastic packaging solutions in France “Our equipment obtained a very good efficiency in sorting on both trays tested, clear PET and black detectable PET using MB from Sukano. This demonstrates equivalent detectability, so we can confirm that trays containing SUKANO® Black Detectable Masterbatch are NIR-detectable, hence can be indeed sorted.” said Eric Westerhoff, sales director plastics recycling from Pellenc ST.

Once packaging has been positively tested according to the COTREP protocol, the product is listed in the CITEO positive list, which will soon be launched. CITEO works to reduce the environmental impact of household packaging and paper by transforming them into new resources. Among the advantages of products being tested by COTREP and listed by CITEO is an exemption from the malus fee in France.

We are delighted that our SUKANO® Black Masterbatch, tested according to the COTREP protocol, will be added to the CITEO positive list. This gives our customers a guarantee of quality, backed by a well-known and standardized procedure adopted in France as the pioneer country to embrace, certify and exempt the malus fee for plastic products placed in the market which pass the test.” says Alessandra Funcia, head of sales and marketing for Sukano.

Going One Step Beyond Market Demand

Within industry circles, it is well-known that it is not only carbon black colorants that are unable to be detected under NIR light at sorting centers, but other colorants as well. Sukano is using its analytical labs and colorist expertise to broaden the NIR detectability concept to include and ensure any colored product can be designed for NIR detectability. In this way, Sukano delivers brand owners and convertors a comprehensive portfolio of detectable NIR colors to ensure any colored packaging or other end-applications are able to be successfully sorted and recycled – allowing freedom in aesthetics and creativity while supporting recycling goals.

Source: Sukano
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