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Tosaf Develops ST7505HP Antistatic Masterbatch for PP Packaging and more

Published on 2015-12-08. Author : SpecialChem

ST7505HP is a newly developed antistatic masterbatch from Tosaf, which is optimized for polypropylene (PP) and remains highly effective even at very low atmospheric humidity. Already low rates of addition of just 1% to 5% for extrusion and 3% to 5% for injection molding bring about a significant reduction of the high electrical surface resistance, which is typical for products made of PP. As a result, electrical charges can decay very quickly from molded parts, rigid packaging or films even in regions with a dry climate or on dry winter days. ST7505HP has no effect on the color and transparency of the material and meets FDA and EU requirements for food contact.

Fig. 1: Tosaf

In laboratory testing, ST7505HP has demonstrated its excellent antistatic effect which is retained over the long term even at just 12% RH, whereas conventional additives of this kind, such as hydrophilic surfactants, require a significantly higher atmospheric humidity in order to be effective. Tosaf’s new antistatic additive thus ensures that electrical charges, which may attract dust or could damage and even destroy electronic devices, do not build up after extended dry storage or after frictional contact with other surfaces.

ST7505HP is particularly suitable for PP packagings used in the electronics industry because it does not show a corrosive effect on the polycarbonate (PC) which is frequently used in this sector and thus does not cause stress cracking of the PC boards. In the film processing industry, ST7505HP can enable higher production speeds because film layers can be more easily separated from one another.

As Irina Shtein Rozenman from Tosaf's additives R&D division explains, "We had already developed products for polyethylene which similarly retained their effect even at very low humidity. ST7505HP means we can now meet this requirement for the entire range of polyolefins and their applications as packaging materials, for example for foodstuffs, personal care, electrical and electronic products."

About Tosaf

Tosaf Group, founded in 1985, is a joint-venture between Megides Holding and the Ravago Group. The group operates ten factories in Israel, Turkey, Germany, UK, The Netherlands and China, with a total of 900 employees. Tosaf’s versatile range of products includes mineral-filled compounds for the white goods industry, automotive and other plastic industries; additives such as UV/light stabilizers, flame retardants and customized additives for applications including BOPP, agricultural, packaging and industrial films, polycarbonate sheets, pipes, foams and other products; and color masterbatches for a wide range of applications.

Source: Tosaf
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