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Tosaf Launches Anti-fog Masterbatch for Polyethylene Films

Published on 2018-04-24. Author : SpecialChem

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Tosaf has announced the launch of AF7380PE, a newly-developed anti-fog masterbatch. When packaged goods are stored in a refrigerator, water droplets tend to appear on the surface of the packaging film, obscuring the contents from view and seriously degrading overall product quality. To avoid this unwanted result, the surface properties of the film must be altered. The most common way of doing this is through the use of migrating additives.

Anti-fog masterbatch for PE

Reduce Harmful Effects of Water Drops on Packaging Film

In over 30 years of working closely with its customers, Tosaf has developed an innovative range of anti-fog masterbatches that help reduce the harmful effects of water drops on packaging film. A wide range of solutions have been developed to suit different applications, for example refrigerated and hot meals packaging, greenhouse films and industrial packaging.

New Solutions

Anti-fog additives for plain polyethylene (PE) films are well known and widely used. However, as film structure becomes more complex and film producers require the same anti-fog masterbatch for a variety of production processes, demand has grown for new solutions and more sophisticated formulations.

3rd Generation Anti-fog Masterbatch

  • Tosaf has presented its novel 3rd generation anti-fog masterbatch for polyethylene films, AF7380PE. 
  • This masterbatch combines the company’s broad experience working with the most sophisticated anti-fog materials with its profound understanding of the market’s needs.
  • According to Tosaf’s Film Additives R&D Manager, Dr. Evgeni Zelikman, the unique benefits of AF7380PE lie in its combination of excellent anti-fog activity and superb optical properties. 
  • AF7380PE is suitable for a wide range of production processes, from laminated polyethylene films, multi-layer co-ex barrier films produced by blown and cast extrusion, and oriented films produced by double- and triple-bubble production technology. 

Source: Tosaf
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