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TRAMACO Offers Foaming Agent Systems for Green Polymers

Published on 2022-09-19. Edited By : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Sustainability / Natural Solutions     Additives for Packaging    

Tramacosustainablefoamingagent TRAMACO offers TRACEL® foaming agent systems for green plastics. In Green Polymers, which are made from renewable monomers instead of the fossil-based ones (e.g. Bio-PE, Bio-PP etc.), conventional TRACEL® foaming agent systems can be used.

Suitable for Food Contact Applications

If necessary, the carrier polymer might be adapted as well. Endothermic TRACEL® products are physiologically harmless and generally also suitable for food contact applications. The new TRACEL® grades are suitable for injection moulding and extrusion.

Other Bio-Plastics, e.g. polyester-based, require adapted foaming agent systems, particularly special endothermic foaming agents. These are available on various bio-plastic carrier materials from TRAMACO.

Regarding processability and performance characteristics, these materials are potential alternatives to conventional plastics based on fossil raw materials. An additional contribution to sustainability can be provided when the material usage is reduced by foaming.


Sustainability / Natural SolutionsAdditives for Packaging

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