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Vertellus Launches Chain Extender to Upgrade Recycled Polyesters at NPE2018

Published on 2018-05-11. Author : SpecialChem

Vertellus is introducing ZeMac® Extend P, a chain extender additive that facilitates upgrading of recycled polyesters such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for use in a variety of target applications. The company is presenting the new patent pending technology during NPE2018, May 7-11.

ZeMac® Extend P - Innovative Solution for Efficient Production

  • As a chain extender additive used to upgrade recycled polyester, ZeMac® Extend P increases molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity (IV) of recycled and virgin PET.
  • Delivering improved melt viscosity and increasing melt strength, ZeMac® Extend P reduces sagging of the extrudate, resulting in faster production. 
  • It also counteracts hydrolytic degradation and improves impact strength. 
  • From a performance perspective, ZeMac® Extend P can be used in a breadth of target applications and delivers performance close to that achieved using 100% virgin materials. 
  • Examples of suitable applications include staple and filament fibers; injection molding; film, sheet, tape and profile extrusion; bottle blow molding; and strapping and foamed sheets.

Sustainability Efforts

ZeMac® Extend P also supports sustainability efforts, enabling low cost post-industrial and post-consumer recycled PET to be utilized, as well as incorporating glass fiber, minerals and impact modifiers.

As varied industries seek technologies to improve material performance and support sustainable production processes, ZeMac® Extend P offers an innovative solution for improving intrinsic viscosity and impact strength while supporting efficient production,” said Prasad Taranekar, marketing manager at Vertellus.

Source: Vertellus
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