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Vertellus Offers Dicyclohexyl Phthalate for Heat-sealable Films

Published on 2018-03-09. Author : SpecialChem

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Morflex® 150 (Dicyclohexyl Phthalate, DCHP), manufactured by Vertellus, delivers performance, value and versatility to support a breadth of targeted applications ranging from heat-sealed food and drug labels to acrylic-based coatings used on airport runways.

DCHP – Application in PVC Materials


DCHP is engineered in a manner that supports its use as a plasticizer and as an adhesive enhancer. In addition, Morflex® 150 can also be used as an ingredient in the production of organic peroxides commonly used as initiators to cure unsaturated polyesters.


  • In addition to acting as a co-plasticizer for polymeric vinyl chloride (PVC) materials, DCHP is also used as a non-blocking plasticizer.
  • Insoluble in water, DCHP is considered a premiere ingredient for acrylic heat-seal and waterproof coatings used on roadways and airport runways. 
  • When used in ink and printing formulations, Morflex® 150 enhances ink adhesion across a range of substrates including paper, vinyl and textiles.

Heat-activated Plasticizer

From a versatility perspective, Morflex® 150’s transition from liquid to solid makes it an ideal candidate for heat or thermo-sensitive adhesives. As a solid powder at room temperature, Morflex® 150 has a high melting point and can be used as a heat-activated plasticizer for heat seal applications and adhesive films that respond slowly to heat. It can be used in conjunction with phthalic anhydride, and is considered a principal ingredient in hot melt additives. In water-based adhesive systems, Morflex® 150 may be used as a delayed action heat sensitive tackifying agent.

Crosslinking of Rubber

Morflex® 150 may also be used in the manufacture of organic peroxides such as dibenzoyl peroxide. Organic peroxides are used as initiators to cure unsaturated polyesters for the composite industry as well as the crosslinking of rubber.

Many of the applications for DCHP have not been widely promoted to industry according to Vertellus Marketing Manager Prasad Taranekar. “The DCHP molecule has been trusted as an industry-proven product for more than 40 years largely based on its solvency attributes, adherence enhancing qualities and efficiency,” Taranekar said. “Vertellus is aiming to raise awareness of how this cost-effective chemistry can serve the performance and thermal needs of varied applications within diverse industries.” He added that Vertellus offers customers a secure supply of Morflex® 150, noting that the product is distributed globally in pails, drums, tote and bulk.

Source: Vertellus
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