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VOELPKER’s Montan Wax Additives Offer Different Benefits in Epoxy Molding Compounds

Published on 2021-01-13. Author : SpecialChem

montan_wax_seriesVOELPKER offers montan wax additives for Epoxy Molding Compounds (EMC). They are added by compound formulators as highly suitable internal release agents to prevent mold sticking.

Prevent Mold Sticking with Montan Waxes

EMC must have good adhesion to chips or leadframes, but at the same time they must not stick to the mold cavity. In addition, a uniform distribution of fillers, flame retardants and pigments can have a synergistic positive influence on mechanical properties - and reduces moisture absorption. EMC should have good mold cleaning cycle performance, which means they should not contaminate the mold chase. To meet such requirements, appropriate wax additives are formulated into the epoxy molding compounds. Advantageous and widely used wax additives are montan waxes.

Multifunctional Properties of VOELPKER’s Montan Wax

Montan wax additives combine in an ideal manner low weight loss and good stability at higher temperatures with low moisture absorption and other multifunctional properties.

Compared to the competing products Carnauba wax, Polyethylene wax and Glycerol monostearate, WARADUR® S provides better flowability of the resin, measured as longer spiral flow paths. WARADUR® S (also WARADUR® E) acts as a dispersing agent for the filler material, pigments and flame retardants and subsequently also as a surface improver. These special multi-level effects of montan wax additives are also known for various other polymers.

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