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Nucleating Agents in PP: Selection for Optimal Strength, Cycle Times

This is a Past Course

Recorded on Feb 14, 2017

Better select & use nucleating agents and clarifiers (phosphate esters, sorbitols, metal salts of fatty acids) for your Polypropylene (PP) in order to improve stiffness-strength balance, cycle times, clarity… 

Philip Jacoby will show with real case studies how to optimize performance by looking at the variation in PP crystallization (rate, structure, morphology…) you can get  depending on your choice of nucleating agents & clarifiers and processing conditions.

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Dr Philip Jacoby Presented By:
Dr Philip Jacoby

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

With the advent of new PP blends, composites or additives to meet  the demand  for lightweighting or other end use, it is a renewed challenge for most in the PP industry to better balance stiffness, strength, clarity, and reduce cycle times. Often this calls for revisiting your nucleating agents & clarifiers selection strategies...

1. Better select nucleants/clarifiers (phosphate esters, sorbitols, metal salts of fatty acids) for your application by understanding their effect on PP crystallization rate and further on key properties

2. Troubleshoot faster shrinkage, unwanted odor, warpage… by knowing their root causes & best solving strategies (alpha, beta nucleation)

3. Reduce Cycle Times by optimizing your processing conditions (temp., pressure...) for best nucleant performance

Nucleating agents & Clarifiers for PP

Who should view this course?

R&D people or others involved in the production/use of PP resins, PP compounds/blends/filled composites and PP end-use parts.
This course will also benefit PE producers.

Course Outline

The course covers the following points: 

  1. Crystal hierarchy and morphology in Polypropylene (PP)

  2. Polymorphism
    • Alpha crystals
    • Beta crystals

  3. Effect of crystal structure & crystallinity 
    • on PP properties (stiffness, impact strength, cycle times, clarity...)

  4. Nucleation & its impact on PP properties 

  5. Selection strategies for choosing the right nucleating agent
    • Nucleators, clarifiers, soluble vs insoluble nucleators
    • Effect on PP resin & compounds

  6. In which case to use the different types of nucleating agents & clarifiers (α-nucleated & β-Nucleated PP)
    • Comparison of different nucleants and clarifiers
    • Examples & properties

  7. Optimize nucleants performance by managing processing conditions
    • Improve cycle times
    • Reduce PP shrinkage and warpage

  8. Case Studies showing the optimization of the selection & use of nucleating agents in PP & PE 

  9. Conclusions

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Members Reviews

This excellent course gives some useful guidance in PP industry!

Gangwei S. , from DOW Chemical Company

Excellent course which provided a broad insight into nucleation and processing benefits.

Jeroen V. , from Michelman

Very good technical level, clear presentation, good voice!

Joost H. , from Holland Colours

It gave me some ideas for product development.

Kelly D. , from Total Petrochemical Reseach Feluy

Great overview of Alpha versus beta nucleating agents with very simple examples of why!

Tamsin W. , from Milliken Europe BVBA

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