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Extruding Plastic Foams to Meet Today’s Market Needs

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Recorded on Feb 13, 2018

Successfully extrude plastic foams that comply with existing and new application demands (energy efficient buildings, lightweight automotive, packaging) by employing the latest practices of the evolved art of foam extrusion.

Learn to achieve desired foam characteristics by choosing the right raw materials (foaming agents, resins…), equipment, processing conditions… & get tips to troubleshoot foaming issues (cell collapse, coalescence, uncontrolled foam structure)

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Presented By:
Ana Espert

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Beginner

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Why should you view this course?

Penetration of plastic foams into new markets continues to increase due to their favorable characteristics: lightweight, thermal and sound insulation, shock absorption… It’s time to upgrade to the evolving foam extrusion practices to stay in the game! Join this course and:

  1. Get a deeper understanding of the foam extrusion process – main parameters and how they influence properties of the final foam product, how to control open and closed cells...

  2. Learn how to tweak your foam extrusion process (temperature profile, die pressure, formulation conditions, raw material choice, downstream processing, equipment…)

  3. Efficiently troubleshoot foaming issues like cell collapse, cell coalescence, cell orientation, anisotropy, and post-processing foam instability.
Extrusion of Plastic Foam

Who should view this course?

  • R&D people turning to foaming process to reduce weight (automotive, packaging…) and looking meet new demands in traditional applications: heat / thermal insulation, electrical insulation

  • Developers of plastics foam needing to troubleshoot foaming issues.

Know more about Extrusion of Plastic Foams !

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered in this session:

  1. Foam Extrusion technologies: Which one to choose when?
    • Physical foaming
    • Chemical foaming

  2. Today’s Requirements & Challenges (improved performance to fit with new demands)

  3. How do latest End-requirements translate into Foam Characteristics
    • Open / closed cell structure
    • Cell homogeneity
    • Mechanical vs. Density
    • Cell size and orientation

  4. How to achieve the desired Foam Characteristics in Practice:
    • Selecting the right raw material (foaming agents, suitable resins…)
    • Making adjustments in formulation & processing conditions

  5. Troubleshooting common processing issues:
    • Cell collapse
    • Cell coalescence
    • Cell density
    • Anisotropy
    • Post-processing foam instability / Uncontrolled foam structure

  6. Trends in plastic foams (nano-foams, special additives & fillers…)

  7. 30 Mins Q&A session- ask your questions directly to the expert !

We recommend attendees to take a look at Extrusion of Plastic Foams

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Members Reviews

Learned new things about foams and other materials than what we currently work with.

Wayne K. , from CPG Building Products

Good introduction of foaming, we learned new things.

Luc B. , from Trinseo

Some high level information on the latest trends!

Jingjing X. , from Eastman

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