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Filled Thermoplastics Optimization: Practical Formulation Strategy

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Recorded on Sep 14, 2016

Boost performance of your filled thermoplastics (strength, stability, processability…) by improving fillers dispersion in the polymer matrix and controlling its interactions with additives (adsorption, additive deactivation).

Chris DeArmitt will help you prevent performance and aesthetic failures & reduce cost by sharing his practical methods to screen dispersants & coupling agents as well as solutions to improve weld/flow lines (particle size, dosage…), reduce warpage…

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Chris DeArmitt Presented By:
Chris DeArmitt

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Advanced

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Why should you view this course?

While developing filled thermoplastics, improving properties while reducing cost can be tricky. We often see that to compensate for poor performances (lack of dispersion, unwanted additive interactions…), one adds more fillers/ additives and thus increasing the cost! Solve rather than compensate with hands-on problem solving tips & get the properties you expected at the right cost.

  1. Achieve higher strength, stability...in your filled plastics by better mastering the interactions of fillers (with polymer, additives) & preventing unwanted effects like additive deactivation
  2. Improve dispersion of your fillers by better selecting dispersants & coupling agents (screening method) for your system 
  3. Troubleshoot faster and prevent failures in your filled plastics with solutions to improve weld/flow lines, reduce warpage ...
Filled Thermoplastics Optimization: Practical Formulation Strategy

Who should view this course?

Filler suppliers, Experienced Compounders, OEMs with a need to better use fillers & additives to maximize performance/cost ratio of their filled plastics

Course Outline

The following will be covered during this session:

  1. Types of fillers & their impact on final performance
  2. The importance of dispersion
  3. Introduction to dispersants and coupling agents
  4. How to find the right dispersant / coupling agent for your filled thermoplastic - screening method
  5. The pros and cons of isotropic and anisotropic fillers
  6. Adsorption of additives onto fillers (e.g. antioxidants)
  7. Weld lines / flow lines
  8. Case study on the interactions of filler and impact modifier
  9. Nanocomposites
    • how they compare to conventional microcomposites
    • the dominance of interface and interphase
  10. Further reading, consultants, web resources

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Members Reviews

A very good course! The background and key concepts were well explained.

Luis Z. , from Dow Europe GmbH

Covered broad range of info quickly and in enough detail to be useful. Gave tips on how to find out more info if you wanted to.

Brendan J. , from Duromer Products

A very good course which helped us in our investigation of fillers as a way to improve nucleation density.

Patrice S. , from Cedap Mexico SA de CV

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