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The more you attend Online Courses, the less you pay!
Cost-cutting packages provide an easy access to technical trainings all year long. Once you have a package, simply select "Use my Credits/Unlimited Access" as a payment method.

Unlimited Access to SpecialChem Online Courses

Get Unlimited Access at 5999 €. It speaks for itself; you get to access as many courses as you want over a 12-month period. This access can be used by anyone from your company, from anywhere in the world!

In average, companies using an Unlimited Access save more than EUR 20,000 per year!

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Save with cost-cutting Packages

Course Credits

Take 5 Course Credits: 999 €
10 Course Credits: 1499 €

Credits are valid up to 12-months from the date of purchase. You can use them for yourself or share it with your colleagues, whenever you want. When you register to a course, we deduct:
  • 1 Credit for a Regular Access
  • 2 Credits for a Group Access.

  • It's smart for you & easy on your pocket!

    Special Note for Decision Makers:

    When you spend money, it's normal to wonder if it’s well used. That’s why we are reporting on a regular basis about the account usage. Our experience also shows that people need reminders to keep using any yearly access… so, every month, we send our package users a calendar which lists all the courses of the month.

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