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AB Specialty Silicones
Methyl hydrogen polysiloxane. Acts as crosslinking agent and hydrophilic agent. It is end-capped with trimethyl siloxy groups. The product is primarily used to treat powders to keep them dry, as an... view more
  • Other Rubber>QM, VQM, Silicone Rubber
AB Specialty Silicones
Methyl polyoxyethylene silioxane copolymer. Acts as dispersing agent and hydrophilic agent. It is a low viscosity, water dispersible surfactant. Its exceptionally low surface tension making it ideal... view more
Irgasurf® HL 560 by BASF is hydrophylic additive for polyolefins. Offers hydrophilic effect in a durable fashion. Used for polyolefin fibers, woven or nonwowen fabrics and films. Irgasurf® HL 560... view more
  • PE
  • PP
  • Healthcare / Medical
  • Electrical markets>Battery cases
  • ...
Byk (Altana Group)
BYK® -2616 by Byk (Altana Group) is a combination of a specially prepared finely dispersed calcium oxide and a stabilizing wetting agent. Acts as a low emission additive to eliminate moisture... view more
  • PVC>PVC, flexible
  • PVC>PVC, rigid
  • Rotational & Slush molding
Lemman Laboratories International
Dimethylolbutanoic acid. It acts as a good crosslinking agent and hydrophilic agent. It is odorless and appears as a free flowing white crystal with the molecular weight of 148.16. With good... view more
  • Epoxy, Epoxide Resin
  • PUR
  • Wiring & Cables
  • Safety, regulation & environment
Hydrophilic concentrate. Possesses exceptionally efficient moisture absorption environment. Used for non-woven polypropylene fiber applications... view more
  • PP
  • Fibers/ Textiles/ Carpets>Non wovens
Aerosol® 22 Surfactant by Solvay is an anionic surfactant. Acts as highly hydrophilic surface active agent, as dispersant, and as a solubilizing agent. Offers very good electrolyte compatability... view more
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