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Product Name
AP-NYLON® Caprolactam (Flakes) by Brüggemann is caprolactam with low moisture content. It is specifically used as raw material in the anionic polymerization of polyamide 6. It is suitable for use in... view more
Ashland Specialty Chemical
V-Cap™ RC by Ashland Specialty Chemical is a pale yellow crystalline solid, N-vinyl-2-caprolactam stabilized with 10 ppm N,N’-di-sec-butyl p-phenylenediamine. It accelerates UV curing rates as the... view more
N-Vinyl Caprolactam by BASF is a N-vinyl caprolactam. It has high reactivity and high cutting power. It is water soluble. N-Vinyl Caprolactam by BASF imparts hardness and adhesion... view more
Grupa Azoty
e-aminocaproic acid lactam. Is offered in two states, white solid (irregular flakes) at 20C, and colorless clear liquid above 70C with no mechanical impurities. It is used as a monomer for the... view more
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