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Fastflow S

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by 20 Microns

Fastflow S by 20 Microns is a low molecular polyethylene wax. Acts as a matting wax and processing aid for hard to disperse pigments. Also used as an external lubricant for rigid and plasticized PVC. Offers the lubricity and increases the processing capability of the extruder to its optimum level of performance. Increases the surface protection, scratch resistance, gloss, die electric (insulation) properties and production yield. Improves the flow, easy process, gloss, smoothness and water repellency of PVC surface. Also improves in mechanical properties specially impact strength. Lowers the tack of the rubber compound specially for chlorinated rubber. Exhibits improved rheological properties of injection molded and calendaring rubber. Prevents the shrinking and chalking specially for rubber mix and vulcanized rubber. Provides better dispersion of pigment and filler in rubber mix as well as resistance to UV light and weathering. Fastflow S is used by 20 Microns in the PVC cable and PVC cable compound.

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