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Oleris® 2-Octanol

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Arkema

Oleris® 2-Octanol by Arkema is a is a branched C8 fatty alcohol. Acts as a defoamer in different processes and as an additive for lubricants. It is used as a green solvent for various resins intended for paints and coatings or adhesives sectors. Oleris® 2-Octanol is suitable for production of adipates, sebacates, palmitates, stearates for applications in plastic, paper, textile, paints and coatings. Also recommended for making of acrylates and maleates for coatings and adhesives markets. It is a biobased alcohol, directly produced from vegetal chemistry. It is manufactured through a cracking process from ricinoleic acid, major component of castor oil.

Oleris® 2-Octanol Product details

Product Type
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Chemical Composition
CAS Number
Product Status
Bio Based
Bio Based Content Comments
Fatty alcohol based
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