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MoldWiz® INT-619C Pellet (100% Active)

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Axel

Proprietary synergistic blend of modified polymers and waxes. It acts as a processing aid and dispersing agent, as it improves the dispersion of other resin additives (reinforcements and fillers). It also improves resin flow without changing the melt-flow rate, shortens cycle times, reduces temperatures and pressures of molding machines along with the scratch resistance of PC resin. It also reduces or eliminates weld/knit lines. It is used for general purpose polycarbonate and its blends. It appears as white powder or pellet form. An effective addition of it, will not have not have any adverse effect on physical properties or secondary operations such as decorating, printing, bonding, or plating. Recommended for improving scratch & mar for those plastics as well as in soft TPO/TPU, polyolefins and engineering plastics in general. It has a shelf life of minimum one year.

MoldWiz® INT-619C Pellet (100% Active) Product details

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MoldWiz® INT-619C Pellet (100% Active) Properties


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