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MoldWiz® INT-626A

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Axel

Proprietary synergistic blend of organic fatty acids, esters and amine. It acts as a processing aid and anti-static agent, as it improves the dispersion of other resin additives (reinforcements and fillers). It also improves resin flow without changing the melt-flow rate, shortens cycle times, reduces temperatures and pressures of molding machines. It also reduces or eliminates weld/knit lines. It is used for general purpose polycarbonate and its blends. Also used for polyester, pultrusion, various epoxy molding, unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resin-based BMC/SMC catalyzed by organic peroxides. It is effective at approx. 50% of loading level typically used for stearates. An effective addition of it, will not have not have any adverse effect on physical properties or secondary operations such as decorating, printing, bonding, or plating. It has a shelf life of minimum one year.

MoldWiz® INT-626A Product details

Product Type
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chemical Composition
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
  • xxx
  • xx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MoldWiz® INT-626A Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Effective ingredients
xxx %
Specific gravity @ 25°C
Viscosity @ 25°C
xxxxxxxxx cps
Flash point
xxxxx °C
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