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Uvinul® 3035

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by BASF

Uvinul® 3035 by BASF is an ethyl-2-cyano-3, 3-diphenyl acrylate grade. Acts as a UV absorber. Belongs to cyanoacrylate class, imparting excellent light stability to a variety of polymers. Offers exceptional light absorbing characteristics and good compatibility in various substrates. The product has no inherent color, hence, color and transparency of the substrate will not be impacted. Particularly suitable for the stabilization of PVC, PA, PC, ABS, SAN and ASA. It can also be used in PS and PUR. Use levels of Uvinul® 3035 ranges between 0.1 and 1.0 %, depending on substrate and performance requirements of the final application.

Uvinul® 3035 Product details

Product Type
Chemical Composition
CAS Number
Physical Form
Product Status
Geographical Availability
Applications/ Recommended for
  • xx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  • xxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Uvinul® 3035 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Molecular weight
xxx g/mol
Bulk density
xxxx ml
Solubility at 20°C, ethyl acetate
xx g/100 g solution
Melting point
xxxxxxxx °C
Solubility at 20°C, water
xxxxxx % m/m
Solubility at 20°C, methyl ethyl ketone
xx % m/m
Solubility at 20°C, methanol
x % m/m
Solubility at 20°C, toluene
xx % m/m
Specific Gravity @ 25°C
xxxx g/ml
Angle of repose
xx °
Vapor Pressure @ 25°C
xxxxxxx Pa
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