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Atmer™ 7510

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Croda

Discontinued : product no longer available

Atmer™ 7510 by Croda acts as a release agent, lubricant, processing aid and anti-scratch agent. It is a unique additive for PET that reduces friction on the polymer surface at very low addition levels. Leads to a range of product and efficiency improvements, such as improved packing and de-nesting, reduced scuff and scratch, and 60% reduction in mold release force. It can be used to improve product quality and process efficiency in PET film, sheet and injection molding. Compatible with polyester. Its typical addition levels are 2-3% in injection molding and sheet extrusion. Atmer™ 7510 is listed on DSL, IECSC, ECL, REACH and ENCS inventory. It is approved for food contact.

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