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Atmer™ 7650

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Croda

Atmer™ 7650 by Croda acts as a lubricant, processing aid, anti-scratch- and release agent. It is a 50% concentrate of IncroMax 300. Brings processing efficiency without impacting optical clarity of polycarbonate. It gives better dispersion. Reduces coefficient of friction between surfaces and prevents adhesion of polymer to polymer and polymer to metal. It is distributed evenly throughout the polymer during the melt phase and helps to act on surface friction. Improves mold release and output rate and allows for reduction in temperature and extruder speeds. Atmer™ 7650 has no impact on optical clarity. Compatible with polycarbonate. Its typical addition level is 1% in injection molding and sheet extrusion. It is listed on Europe, Canada, Korea, China, USA, Australia and Japan inventory.

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