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Conpol™ 4R11S1

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by DowDuPont (Dupont)

Amide-based concentrated slip and release agent masterbatch made from an ethylene-methacrylic acid carrier resin. Contains 4% release agent and 11% slip agent by weight. Designed to modify the surface properties of films that are made with Surlyn® or Nucrel® resins. It improves the slip and chill roll release of films. Intended for use by blending into Surlyn® or Nucrel® resins utilized in the process of extrusion to produce blown or cast films, either in monolayer or coextrusion with a maximum processing temperature of 310°C. Recommended for use in packaging. The dosage rate lies within 2-8% into a given Surlyn® or Nucrel® resin. Conforms to the Code of Federal Regulations (Title 21, Paragraph 177.1330) for food contact applications.

Conpol™ 4R11S1 Product details

Product Type
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chemical Composition
Physical Form
Product Status
Geographical Availability
Applications/ Recommended for
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Food contact approval
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Conpol™ 4R11S1 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Density, ASTM D792 (ISO 1183)
xxxx g/cm3
Melt flow rate (190°C / 2.16kg), ASTM D1238 (ISO 1133)
xx g/10 min
Melting Point (DSC), ASTM D3418 (ISO 3146)
xx °C
Freezing Point (DSC), ASTM D3418
xx °C
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