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Mark® 17 MOK A

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Galata Chemicals (Artek)

Octyltin mercaptide. Acts as a thermostabilizer for PVC. Has proven satisfactory in calendering, extrusion and injection molding of rigid PVC; for each application optimum results can only be obtained by a properly selected dosage of stabilizer and lubricants. In the melt organotin stabilized PVC has the tendency to stick to hot metal parts. Is particularly effective in both initial color and long-term heat stability in most types of PVC resins used in this application, e.g. emulsion-, suspension-, bulk PVC, modified PVC or combinations with copolymers. In rigid PVC processing the addition of external lubricants such as montan waxes and complex esters (0.2 – 0.5 phr), PE waxes and oxidized PE waxes (0.05 – 0.1 phr) has proven to give good results. Used in the production of rigid PVC packaging materials to comply with food regulations.

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