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Addocat® 104

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Lanxess

Addocat®104 is triethylene diamine (1,4-diazabicyclo(2,2,2)octane. Acts as a catalyst. In foam production it activates both the gas reaction and the crosslinking reaction.In the production of polyurethane foams, its crystals can be dissolved in the water belonging to the recipe. In the production of polyether slabstock foam and hot molded foam. It serves mainly to promote the gas reaction and is used in combination with Addocat SO, which activates the crosslinking reaction. Used in the production of polyurethanes, e.g. flexible slabstock foam, hot molded foam, HR foam, filling foam, integral skin foam, rigid foam and other products. Applications include continuous and discontinuous production of sandwich panels, discontinuous cold/heat insulation of refrigerators and piping and on-site casting. Recommended dosage is 0.3 - 1.0 p.b.w. on 100 p.b.w. polyol.

Addocat® 104 Product details

Product Type
Chemical Composition
Physical Form
White, hygroscopic
Product Status

Addocat® 104 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Density (20°C)
xxxx g/cm3
Initial boiling point
xxx °C
Melting point
xxx °C
Solubility in water at 25 °C
xx %
Water content
xxxxx %
xxxxxx %
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