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Lib Rheo - 102

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Liberty chemical

Oleochemical derivative. Acts as a rheology modifier (thickening agent). Offers remarkable disperse ability for high loading pigment/filler masterbatches/compounds. Improves the production rate and melt viscosity while processing hence reduces the COF. Increases the melt flow rate of polymer matrix like masterbatches, compounds, composites etc. Available at very good CPR. Shows compatibility for maximum polymer group and for any polymer based masterbatch/compounds. Provides remarkable improvement in melt flow rate of polymer/polymer matrix. Used for high filler filled (like calcium, talc, glass fibers, wood fibers, pigments, dyes etc.) masterbatches, compounds, composites of plastics. Highly recommended for black masterbatches.

Lib Rheo - 102 Product details

Product Type
Chemical Composition
Physical Form

Lib Rheo - 102 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Acid Value
Saponification Value
Flash point
xxxxx °C
Dosage for Special application MBs
xxxxxxxxx phr
Dosage for General purpose MBs
xxxxxxxxx phr
Dosage for Other Masterbatches/Compounds
xxxxxxxxx phr
Dosage for Polymer Blends/Alloys/Composite
xxxxxxxxx phr
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