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Gaia Element® Oxo 480

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Phoenix Plastics

Additive masterbatch containing effective substance in PE carrier resins. Acts as an oxo-degradable additive. It is thermal and UV stable. Used to chemically degrade polyethylene resins in the presence of sunlight, oxygen, and heat through a chemical process. It results in a very controlled rate of degradation when exposed to outside environment. Offers better storage and low concentration requirements. Can be processed at temperatures typical of polyethylene using standard extrusion equipment. Recommended for polyethylene film applications. Compatible with HDPE and LDPE. The recommended dosage levels for film extrusion are between 1% depending on the degradation requirements and environmental conditions.

Gaia Element® Oxo 480 Product details

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Gaia Element® Oxo 480 Properties


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Blend density
xxxxx g/cm3
Melt flow index @ 190°C in LDPE
xx g/10 min
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