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STS - 1 AM

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by S V Plastochem

STS - 1 AM by S V Plastochem is an organo butyl tin mercaptide stabilizer found in the form of clear light yellow liquid. It maintains the initial colors and provides outstanding light stability. It is an effective heat stabilizer for crystal clear applications and requires lower doses compared with other stabilizers. Suitable for PVC sheets, blow molding, rigid films, injection molding, calendaring and extrusion. It can be used for higher temperature processings. It is soluble in almost all organic solvents and insoluble in water. Recommended dosage of STS - 1 AM is 1.50 – 2.50 PHR for rigid and semi-rigid applications and 0.75 – 1.80 PHR for flexible and plasticized applications.

STS - 1 AM Product details

Product Type
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chemical Composition
CAS Number
Physical Form
Clear light yellow
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

STS - 1 AM Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Tin Content
xxxxxxxxxx %
Specific Gravity (at 25º C)
xxxxxxxxxx gm/cc
Refractive Index

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