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VIBATAN® PE Gamma Ray Antiox 02695

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Viba Group

A blend of polymeric HALS and antiox agent dispersed in polyethylene, free from fillers, waxes or any other lubricants. Acts as an antioxidant. It is known that in some particular sectors, such as the medical one, it is necessary to make end-products aseptic: an effective way to eliminate the undesired bacteria is to undergo the end-product a gamma ray treatment. Unfortunately, these rays provoke a color change in the treated article (i.e., yellowing). This product has been expressly designed to stabilize PE end-products and to avoid color change in the gamma ray treated articles. Maximum protection is granted if the polymer used in the production of the endproducts does not contain phenolic antioxidants, since they are the main cause of the color change.

VIBATAN® PE Gamma Ray Antiox 02695 Product details

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VIBATAN® PE Gamma Ray Antiox 02695 Properties


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