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VIBATAN® PE Metal Antiox 03763

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Viba Group

Dispersion in polyolefinic polymer of volatile corrosion inhibitor (V.C.I.) specific for zinc, aluminium, copper, tin and ferrous metals. Acts as an antioxidant masterbatch. Designed for the production of polyethylene and EVA films aimed for the packaging of metal endproducts subject to oxidation. Such films inhibit corrosion/oxidation processes of ferrous metals through the vapours released by the special additives contained in it. Is free from nitrates, silicones, phosphates and other heavy metals. Films obtained through it are supoosed to wrap metallic parts to be packaged and in case the direct contact with the metal is not possible, the film must be hermetically sealed. In order to work properly, it releases some non toxic gases which cover the metallic surface with an insulating layer which prevents oxidation.

VIBATAN® PE Metal Antiox 03763 Product details

Product Type
Chemical Composition
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Bio Based

VIBATAN® PE Metal Antiox 03763 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Dosage in 45 μm polyethylene monolayer film
xxx %
Dosage in 235 μm polyethylene monolayer film
xxx %
Dosage in 100 μm polyethylene multilayer film
xxx %
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