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VIBATAN® PP ATO 55 - 7701865

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Viba Group

Masterbatch containing a combination of antistatic additives in a polypropylene homopolymer carrier. An optical brightener has also been added in order to improve the appearance of the film and to prevent a yellowing of the sides of the bobbins. Improves the problems of static charge encountered in the manufacturing of film and also those which may occur later at the end-user. Migrating to the surface, they capture atmospheric moisture and form a conductive layer which helps to dissipate the static charge. Intended for the manufacture of general purpose BOPP films, where a low surface resistivity a short time after manufacture and an improved surface finish are required. Recommended for use in the core layer. Owing to hygroscopic properties of the product, once sacks are opened, the contents should be consumed as soon as possible. An effective closing system should be employed for partially used sacks in order to avoid contact with the air. Used for food packaging applications.

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VIBATAN® PP ATO 55 - 7701865 Properties


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