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VIBATAN® PS Bacteriostatic 02687

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Viba Group

Natural active ingredient in form of silver ions dispersed in polystyrene. Acts as an antimicrobial masterbatch. Imparts a reliable effect against a large number of microbes such as bacteria and fungi: the silver ions inhibit the intracellular enzyme induction and block the oxygen transfer function of lower forms of life, thus microbes can no longer proliferate. As a consequence, there is a protection of the end-product against microbial attacks and prevention of formation of unpleasant odors caused by bacteria. Suitable for styrene resins such as PS, SAN and ABS. Suggested for both extrusion and injection moulding, above all in the production of components for electrical appliances of the so-called “white goods”. Used by some important manufacturers of refrigerators for the production of thermoformed sheets where the masterbatch is added only in the GPPS skin layer at 3%.

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