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Ebecryl® 898

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by allnex

Ebecryl® 898 by allnex is a polyester acrylate. It is a solvent-free multi-functional UV curable binder. Provides very low but stable gloss levels of less than 5 at a 60° angle (even under high-speed curing conditions or in formulations stored for months) and flexibility. It helps in achieving enhanced rheology, transparency, stain- & scratch resistance and improved ‘soft feel’ effect than conventional low-gloss systems. When combined with matting agents (even minimal amounts), it offers substrate-specific end properties on wood, resilient flooring, plastic and paper foil substrates, without the need for added solvent or mono-functional diluents. It has a white, milky, creamy aspect but becomes transparent when fully cured. Ebecryl® 898 shows good compatibility with polymers and matting agents.

Ebecryl® 898 Product details

Product Type
Chemical Composition
Physical Form
Milky white
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Last edited Dec 18, 2017
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