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Jobachem BPA(12)PO(6)EODA

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Jobachem

Jobachem BPA(12)PO(6)EODA by Jobachem is a bifunctional ethoxylated (12), propoxylated (6) bisphenol A diacrylate. Exhibits good chemical-, heat-, water- & abrasion resistance. Possesses excellent hydrophilic/hydrophobic balance, low shrinkage and good adhesion. Designed for curing by ultraviolet (UV) radiation and electron beam (EB). Jobachem BPA(12)PO(6)EODA is used as a cross-linking co-agent in elastomers.

Jobachem BPA(12)PO(6)EODA Product details

Product Type
Chemical Composition
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Last edited Dec 18, 2017
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