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Saturn Yellow® GPX-17

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by DayGlo Color

Saturn Yellow® GPX-17 by DayGlo Color is a supercharged high-performance fluorescent colorant developed especially for use in polyolefins. Exhibits superior processing properties, virtually eliminates the problem of plate-out at the blow-pin and in the mold cavity. It is completely formaldehyde-free and can be produced continuously at a high-speed with minimum downtime. Concentrated and masterbatch formulations can be simplified with the elimination of expensive or hard to handle additives for controlling plate-out and dispersion. Provides dust-free performance from a super high strength prill and cleanest, brightest fluorescent products. Designed for blow molding and injection molding. Saturn Yellow® GPX-17 is used at full strength for lowest cost in use or as a replacement for melt-in colorants for custom color matches.

Saturn Yellow® GPX-17 Product details

Product Type
Physical Form
Free-flowing prill
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
  • xx
  • xx
Food contact approval

Saturn Yellow® GPX-17 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Minimum Processing Temperature
xxx °F
Heat stability
xxx °F
Melt index, ASTM D1238
xxxxxxx g/10min
Bulk density
xx lbs/ft3

Color Information Properties

Test Condition
Test Method
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