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Saturn Yellow® NX-17C

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by DayGlo Color

Saturn Yellow® NX-17C by DayGlo Color is a solid solution of fluorescent dyes in a thermoplastic polyamide resin. The high tinctorial strength of the pigment permits higher amounts of TiO2 to be added for opacity while maintaining the fluorescent effect. Exhibits low blow pin plate-out and permit high pigment loading in concentrates. Saturn Yellow® NX-17C is used in polyethylene blow molded containers and other thin film applications. It is essential that the minimum processing temperature is reached to 190°C and the pigment is completely melted and evenly distributed throughout the plastic. This ensures complete color development when this pigment is incorporated into plastic resins.

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Saturn Yellow® NX-17C Properties


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Minimum processing temperature
xxx °C
Heat stability
xxx °C
Softening point
xxxxxxxxx °C
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xxxxxxxxxx microns
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xxxx g/cm3

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