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Heat-Stable Yellow HY-250

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Huntsman

High performance, heat stable yellow iron oxide pigment. Developed to provide the user greater latitude and flexibility in establishing high-temperature bake schedules without any significant sacrifice in color or other performance properties. Maintains very good compatibility in a wide range of different vehicles, encompassing many plastics. Improves exterior durability by the ultraviolet screening properties contributed by these pigments, especially with polymers that are sensitive to sunlight. Provides various advantages like heat stability, color, dispersion, exterior durability, UV screening, non-migration, bleed resistance, and quality assurance. Is inert, insoluble in organic materials, and resistant against chemicals, alkali and dilute acids. Displays very good light fastness and easy dispersing characteristics. Used in plastics.

Heat-Stable Yellow HY-250 Product details

Product Type
Chemical Composition
CAS Number
1344-28-1 ; 1309-64-4 ; 51274-00-1
Product Status
Bio Based

Heat-Stable Yellow HY-250 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Fe2O3 content
xxxxxx %
Specific Gravity
xxxx g/cm3
Oil Absorption
xxxxxxx g/100g
Weight per Gallon
xxxx lbs
Predominant Particle Size
xxxxxxxxx μm
Moisture (%)
xxxxx %
Water Soluble Salts (%)
xxxxx %

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Last edited Jul 26, 2017
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