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Rockwood Pigments 321T

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Huntsman

A light tan ferrite, produced by the high temperature reaction of iron oxide and zinc oxide (Fe2O3•ZnO). Is a high performance, heat stable pigment, formulated for color consistency and stable performance in plastics and other high-heat applications where high temperature resistance and weather durability is required. Improves exterior durability by the ultraviolet screening properties contributed by these pigments, especially with polymers that are sensitive to sunlight. Provides various advantages like heat stability, color, dispersion, exterior durability, UV screening, Non-migration, bleed resistance, and quality assurance. Is inert, insoluble in organic materials, resistant against chemicals, alkali and dilute acids. Recommended, owing to its sufficient purity, for use in selected applications for packaging or articles that come in contact with food (21CFR). High temperature stability and ease of dispersion make these pigments suitable for resin systems from LLDPE and vinyl to sophisticated engineering polymers and silicone rubber compounds. Used in plastics.

Rockwood Pigments 321T Product details

Product Type
Chemical Composition
CAS Number
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
  • xxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxx
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Bio Based

Rockwood Pigments 321T Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Fe2O3 content (%)
xx %
ZnO content (%)
xx %
Oil Absorption
xx g/100g
Specific Gravity
xxx g/cm3
Apparent Density
xx lbs/ft3
Moisture (%)
xxxxx %
Specific Resistance
xxxx Ω-cm

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Last edited Jul 26, 2017
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