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Techno Briefs: Aluminum Pigments

Aluminum pigments are used in many types of polymers to impart both aesthetic and functional values. This Techno brief will familiarize you with various grades of Aluminum Pigments and their metallic effects on various polymers, processing solutions etc. You will also find assistance to help you reach the desired effect or in differentiate your products.

Why use Aluminium Pigments?

Aluminum pigments are used in many types of polymers to impart both AESTHETIC and FUNCTIONAL valueThere are an amazing number of different aluminum pigment grades each offering a distinct visual appearance or functional attribute.

Add a new visual dimension to your products with metallic effects:

Discover Functional Benefits Aluminum Pigments Offer in Your Plastics

Aluminum pigments can also impart great functional performances to plastics and provide additional value to your products.

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Light Reflection Opacity Gas & Vapor Barrier Thermal Properties

Pigment Form Specifically Developed for Easy Use in Plastics

Aluminum pigments in dry powder form are dusty and easily become airborne. Once suspended in air, a cloud of aluminum pigment particles will burn explosively when exposed to any source of ignition. It is also common for dry powdered aluminum pigments to collect in the duct work of ventilation systems causing additional safety problems. In order to minimize the dust and explosion potential of aluminum pigments, they are often provided in a form in which a pigment binder or carrier holds the individual pigment flakes together. For use in plastics, aluminum pigments are most commonly provided as a plasticizer dampened powder or as a pellet in which the flakes are bound together with a solid resin.

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