Antiblock Agents Selection

Blocking is a very common problem that occurs when adhesion develops between two smooth layers of film placed in contact with each other. Adding antiblock agents / anti-slip agents resolve this by forming barriers between surface layers and modifying frictional properties of the surface.

Uncover the role of antiblock agents in polymers, their types and get tips to select the right antiblock agent for elastomers, films and rubbers.

What are Antiblock Agents?

Antiblock agents, also referred to as anti-slip agents, assist in minimizing surfaces from interacting with one another either through adhesion or other forces. These materials form barriers between surface layers and modify frictional properties of the surface.

anti-slip additives for plastics

Antiblock/ anti-slip agents can be applied internally or in several cases, applied on the surface. Without an appropriate antiblock or anti-slip agent, depending on nomenclature use, polymers and molded part quality and performance can be severely impacted.

Anti-block agents can be used individually or formulated into a liquid or polymer master batch. Further, these materials may affect polymer specific aspects like:

  • Friction
  • Clarity or optical properties
  • Antistatic propertiesfibers and films
  • Hardness and
  • Other material / surface characteristics

Common areas of use include polymer systems that are inherently soft and tacky both as fibers and films. The more crystalline polymers are fairly tack free as fibers though as films, static attraction forces may result in product performance issues.

Another area is injection molding where it is critical that the polymer can be easily removed from the die. Without a release agent & an antiblock agent, the surface of the polymer can be easily damaged resulting in poor quality parts and rejected product.

Let's take a dive into these applications to know them better!

Fibers & Films Applications


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