The Universal Selection Source: Polymer Additives

Flame Retardants

This techno brief incorporates almost every detail about the world of flame retardants used with polymers. Here you will find about the different flame retardant technologies, their mode of action, differences between additive and reactive flame retardants, chemical description of each category of flame retardant,their benefits, limitations, compatibility with different polymers and end market applications.

Fire Protection

The goals for fire retardant are universal and can be simply stated in the following items:

1. Prevent the fire or retard its growth and spread i.e. the flash over:
  • Control fire properties of combustible items
  • Provide for suppression of the fire

Fire Dynamics
Figure 1: Flash over time vs fire retardant use

Under the conditions of fire the use of the flame retardant gives a significant increase in the escape time available.

2. Protect Occupant from the Fire Effects
  • Provide timely notification of the emergency,
  • Protect escape routes,
  • Provide areas of refuge where necessary and possible.


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