Silanes as Cross-linking Agents for Polyethylenes: Techno Brief

Crosslinking is a type of polymerization reaction that branches out from the main molecular chain to form a network of chemical links and cross-linking agents are added to resins to enable this process. This Cross-linking Agents guide is designed to help you understand more about the use of silanes as cross-linking agents in polyethylenes, focusing on the benefits and main applications.

Reduced Creep with Silane

It is well known that Creep Resistance increases with the crosslinking density of a polymer. This can be easily explained by the fact that in a crosslinking system polymer chains are linked together and can't slide against each other.

PE crosslinking increases its Creep Resistance

Figure 1 below shows how the croslinking density (%gel) influences the deformation under mechanical load of crosslinked PE.

      Figure 1

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