Silanes as Cross-linking Agents for Polyethylenes: Techno Brief

Crosslinking is a type of polymerization reaction that branches out from the main molecular chain to form a network of chemical links and cross-linking agents are added to resins to enable this process. This Cross-linking Agents guide is designed to help you understand more about the use of silanes as cross-linking agents in polyethylenes, focusing on the benefits and main applications.

Silane Description

A silane is a molecule containing a central silicon atom bonded to two types of groups: Alkoxy groups and organo-functional groups.

These two type of groups exhibit different reactivity and allow sequential reactions. In the crosslinking process, the first step is generally the grafting of the silane the polymer backdone the linking of the polymer chains via condensation of silanols.

Click on the different atoms of the molecule below to view their properties.

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