Silane Coupling Agents: Techno Brief

Coupling agents are adhesion promoters that are used to provide a stable bond by reducing the interfacial tension between the fibrous or particulate inorganic component and the organic matrix polymer in reinforced and filled plastics. This Coupling Agents guide is designed to help you understand more about the use of silanes as coupling agents in reinforced plastics, focusing on the benefits and main applications.

Filler Treatment in Wire & Cable Compounds

Filler Treatment in Wire & Cable CompoundsBecause of their outstanding electrical properties and resistance to ozone, weather and heat, ethylene-propylene copolymers (EPR), terpolymers (EPDM) and cross-linked PE are excellent high-voltage insulating and jacketing materials.

White fillers are detrimental to these uses because of the loss in wet electrical resistance and power factor. Treatment of kaolin clay reinforced EPDM wire and cable coatings with a vinyl silane (Z-6300) prevents this effect and provides better cure and higher modulus.

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