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Ceridust® 3910 by Clariant is a micronized amide wax. Acts as dispersing agent and lubricant. Compatible with engineering polymers like PS, PA, PC, PET, PBT and thermoplastic polyurethane. Exhibits... view more
Ceridust® 5551 by Clariant is a micronized, partly saponified ester of montanic acid. Acts as a lubricant and dispersing agent for masterbatches. Offers excellent scratch resistance, matting effect... view more
Exolit® OP 1230 by Clariant is a non-hygroscopic, organic phosphinate with high phosphorus content. Acts as a halogen-free, flame retardant (UL 94 V-0). Compatible with thermoplastics, thermosets... view more
Exolit® OP 1311 by Clariant is an intumescent phosphinate. Acts as a halogen-free flame retardant (UL 94 V-0/VW-1). Suitable for glass fiber reinforced and unreinforced PA 6 and elastomers such as... view more
Exolit® OP 1314 by Clariant is a halogen-free, intumescent, organic phosphinate. Acts as a flame retardant. Exhibits higher thermal stability, good colorability and good processability. Designed for... view more
Exolit® OP 1400 by Clariant is a halogen-free, organic phosphinate for reinforced PA6, PA66 and polyphthalamides. Acts as a flame retardant. Suitable for applications in hot and humid environments... view more
Exolit® RP 607 by Clariant is a specially treated red phosphorus. Acts as a halogen-free, flame retardant. Offers high oxidation and thermal stability. Compatible with plastics alone or in... view more
Hostanox® O 3 by Clariant is a bis[3,3-bis-(4’-hydroxy-3’-tert-butylphenyl)butanoicacid]-glycol ester grade. It acts as a phenolic antioxidant and heat stabilizer. It provides long term heat... view more
Hostanox® O 3 Powder by Clariant is a phenolic antioxidant with high resistance against hydrolysis designed for applications where the final article comes in contact with extractive media such as... view more
Hostanox® P-EPQ® powder by Clariant is a highly efficient phosphorus based secondary antioxidant. Possesses low dosage, high performance in color and melt flow retention during conversion process... view more
Hostavin® N 30 powder is an oligomeric hindered amine light stabilizer by Clariant. It offers excellent thermal and color stability. It imparts improved resistance to attacks by agrochemicals... view more
Hostavin® PR-25 powder by Clariant is a UV-B absorber for PVC, polyesters, PC, polyamides, styrene plastics, EVA copolymers, and cellulosics. Exhibits excellent absorption especially in the... view more
Hostavin® VSU P by Clariant is an oxalanilide based UV absorber. Used for highly transparent plastics. It is characterized by its absolute colorlessness. It is recommended for all plastics, where... view more
Licomont® CaV 102 powder by Clariant acts as a nucleating and lubricating agent. Moreover, it is an acid scavenger for polyoxymethylene. It is a calcium salt of long chain, saturated, linear... view more
Licomont® NaV 101 by Clariant is sodium salt of long-chain aliphatic carboxylic acid. Acts as a lubricant and nucleating agent. Offers high molecular weight, low volatility, favourable migration... view more
Licowax® E powder by Clariant is an ester of montanic acids with multifunctional alcohols. Acts as a dispersing agent and lubricant. Compatible with PVC, PS, PBT, PA, PDM, PC, TPU, styrenics and... view more
Licowax® OP powder by Clariant is an ester wax of montanic acids. Acts as a multifunctional release agent, lubricant, wetting and dispersing agent. It is partly saponified. Compatible with... view more
Nylostab® S-EED® by Clariant is a light stabilizer. It specially stabilizes polyamides including filled polyamides during processing. It also enhances the dye affinity for pre-metallised/acid dyes... view more
Hindered Phenol... view more
Aromatic phosphite based processing stabilizer... view more
Sterically Hindered Amine. Acts as a light stabilizer for plastics, in particular thick walled polyolefins, styrenics, polyamides etc. Special advantage is it's slight interaction with sulfur... view more
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