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DOG Chemie
Selected n/iso-paraffinic hydrocarbons. Used as antiozonant for moulded articles and extruded sections, microcellular rubber (dosage up to 12 phr) and conveyor belts... view more
  • TPE and TPV
  • Engineering / manufacturing>Belts, conveyors
  • Extrusion
N-1,3 dimethylbutyl-N'-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine. Used as antiozonant and antioxidant for rubber and other elastomers. Provides very good protection against ozone in static as well as in dynamic... view more
  • Other Rubber>BR
  • Other Rubber>CR, Chlorinated Rubber
  • Other Rubber>IR
  • Other Rubber>NBR
  • ...
Vanderbilt Chemicals
Moderately soluble in chloroform and toluene. Insoluble in water and alcohol. Sun-checking inhibitor that protects high quality elastomeric products which may be subjected to ozone attack under... view more
  • TPE and TPV
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