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Tinuvin® 1600 by BASF is 2-hydroxyphenyl-s-triazine derivative. It acts as an ultraviolet light absorber (UVA). It exhibits very low volatility, excellent thermal stability and high extinction... view more
Tinuvin® 880 ED by BASF is a Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer (HALS) and UV stabilizer. It imparts outstanding weatherability in polyolefins. Tinuvin® 880 ED provides excellent light and thermal... view more
Irgaclear® XT 386 by BASF is a high efficiency, latest generation clarifier. It helps to create a large number of non visible small-crystallites (< 1 micron) during the cooling of the polypropylene... view more
Irgaguard® B 5000 by BASF is silver-zink zeolite based antimicrobial for incorporation into polymers. It can be manufactured by extrusion, injection molding or calendaring. Irgaguard® B 5000 might... view more
Calcium phosphonate. Acts as a light stabilizer, catalyst, SSP accelerator, and property modifier. Offers very good color retention. Provides high compatibility with polyesters and good resistance... view more
Luwax® A by BASF is a low-density polyethylene wax. Used as a lubricant for rigid and flexible PVC. It improves the gloss, smoothness and water repellancy of surfaces, as well as making the plastic... view more
Luwax® AH 3 by BASF is a ethylene homopolymer wax. Reduces adhesion of the hot thermoplastic melt. Provides a substantial increase or decrease in the plasticizing time. Enhances the gloss and... view more
Luwax® AH 6 by BASF is a high-density polyethylene wax. Prevents the melt from adhering to the hot metal surfaces of processing machinery and decomposing. Offers low melt viscosity and shows... view more
Polyethylene wax. Used in the processing of plastics and rubber and as an external lubricant for rigid and plasticized PVC. Possesses medium density and a medium molar mass. Prevents the melt from... view more
Luwax® OA 2 by BASF is a hard, emulsifiable polyethylene wax. Acts as an effective external lubricant for rigid PVC and plasticized PVC. Prevents the molten plastic adhering to processing equipment... view more
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